What is Oikodomos?

OIKODOMOS is a research project financed by the Lifelong Learning programme 2007-2009 and 2010-2011 carried out by higher education institutions and research centers from Belgium, France, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The goal of the project is to create a virtual campus to promote the study of dwelling at a European scale. This virtual campus is going to develop new methods to study housing in a multidisciplinary way, interweaving different courses and seminars, digital repositories and on-line learning environments, cases analysis and project workshops taking place at the participating institutions.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Workshop participants. Photography by Aminreza Iranmanesh (still running from the camera to the stage), EMU

A Joint Workshop dedicated to the theme "Proximity" took place in the Istanbul from May 2th to 6th. The workshop was organized by the HERA Center from the Faculty of Architecture in Eastern Mediterranean University with the cooperation of the HREC in the Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul Technical University (ITU). 45 students and 14 teachers from the partner institutions, associated partners and students coming from other Schools in Europe participated in the workshop. The workshop provided the opportunity to apply knowledge previously acquired in the preparatory activities to a specific site: the Göksu area, former Ottoman suburbs, located between the Great Bosphorus Canal on the Asian side of Istanbul.

This joint workshop is part of the learning activities designed around the theme "Proximity". Preparatory tasks were carried out first at the participating institutions and in the learning space OIKODOMOS Workspaces. The outcomes were presented by students at the beginning of the workshop.

Structure of the learning activities carried out during before, during and after the Workshop.

During the workshop, students working in international teams carried out two tasks:

1. A visual analysis to identify signs of proximity in the Göksu area

2. Mapping the concept of proximity to the site in order to trigger a transformation process. Further development of the workshop outcomes will continue in the partner institutions and will be evaluated by external reviewers within the OIKODOMOS Workspaces environment.

After the workshop, the work continues in the courses and seminars at the partners institutions, and in the OIKODOMOS Workspaces, according to the following structure:

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